My Proposal

Some people know I have been working on my proposal for years now.
Nope! There is nothing romantic about it.
It’s a PhD proposal…
I have my excuses, of course. First I had no money, then I had no time.

I was always highly motivated and even after ten hours of work and while wathching an exiting soccer match on TV, I sat on the couch, my laptop on my knees, talking to my soccer-loving flatmate about offside AND searching the internet for new material for my research. In the end, this working strategy wasn’t the right one to finish a proposal. It has been almost a year, that I decided to get back to not having money again.

Nope! There is still nothing romantic about it.

The last months I worked really hard on developing my research, reading the literature, writing it down. It looked quite well, I expected my proposal to be accepted at the end of june. But then I got this all-destroying* phone call from my professor, I should precise my research question again. My promising ideas should be sharpened.

After two weeks of mourning and tears, I started eating again. It took me another week to smile. And finally I even went back to look at my computer. Today I met my professor and we had a good conversation. I would almost say I am something similiar to motivated. Imagine!

Why I am writing this down? Because, I know, you are out there, my people, my friends, my soul mates, my Leidgenossen (as a would say in German).

And after all, this is quite romantic, don’t you think so? 😉

My wild romance

*mean, miserable…argh! ARGH ARGH!

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