On the Road to Andalucía

What can I say? How do I begin? Sitting in a Café – Bar near Granada, the wind through my hair, the oranges growing next to me? A woman singing about spanish romance, the sun painting with the morning light…

Now I’m spending almost an hour here, staring at my photos, staring at the tables around me, the Minimercado, the ashtray on my table. I cannot find a story to tell. There are too many! Today is monday, it’s morning, I got up earlyish, had breakfast and wanted to calm down a bit to write about my experiences, share some photos. Impossible? Maybe I can share some.
So I decide to write some random stories mañana, now only informing you, my dearest readers, that I’m on the road to (and in) Andalucía. 🙂 I visited Barcelona, Alicante and Granada, and am now sitting at the campground in Valle del Puntal, planning to leave in some minutes. Next stop: Ronda!
“Silencio por medio” sings the girl full of bitterness in the radio. I think, some silent moments are quite nice.

So, I’m sorry not to tell more, but I’m overwhelmed by all these expressions, I can simply say: I love it!

Aaaaand: Flys, mosquitoes and birds are my friends. NOT. 😉


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