Leaving Los Caños de Meca

It has been a little while (and again a lot of adventures) without time and internet since I took a moment to write here. Even my diary and my journey diary I kind of neglected a bit. Some details of them I may soon share here, others may get dusty in my room at home.

Anyway, I just arrived to Sevilla, haven’t seen much yet and I don’t want to talk about it now.

The last three days I stayed in Caños de Meca at a camping ground called Camaleon. A very nice and kind of different camping experience “del rollo jippi”.
Yes, this place is for Hippies, young adventurers and relaxed people who don’t shower too much, like organic food, have a profound sleep even with music and are ok with mosquito bites (I made it up to 40…). A place for saints like you and me! 😉
In fact, I really liked it a lot and would definetely go back (armed, of course, these evil beasts need strong resistance).

Yesterday I attended a concert of The Zephyr Bones, they played tremendous! Strongly recommended, as well.

To come to an end I will stop writing now and let pictures talk, Sevilla is waiting.

By the way: In the cat picture I had my personal highest temperature ever! 46 degrees in the sun! (Okay, Sauna is hotter… 😉 )


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