Alacant/Alicante – A nightly intermezzo in a lovely city

After a five hours drive, we arrived at Alacant/Alicante, a city at the spanish east coast. With over 330.000 inhabitants it was bigger than I expected. We stayed at a nice guy’s place, I met via Couchsurfing and were lucky that he and his friend took us out for dinner. It is always great getting to know a new place with an insider! We talked a lot about politics, like Catalunya Alacant is a place where people speak Catalan, or in this case Valencià, a catalan dialect.
Then I ate the best croquetas de boletus (yummy!) I had in my whole life. (Yes, they were the first but all the ones I tried later could only fail after this culinary delight. 🙂

It was a pity that we didn’t stay longer, I would have loved to discover more of Alacant, to be part of the lively night life and had a night swim at the beach. The water was so warm that it seemed unreal. I had a lot of talks about water temperature and beaches later, my friends have strong opinions about it. And so do I. 😉

We left saturday morning. Granada was waiting, I kind of heard it calling.


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