Barbary Fig – Kaktusfeige – Higo Chumbo

Hey my dear searchers!
Opening your eyes and ears today, hoping life will teach you? Experiencing nature? Let the pretty lemon tree give you a lesson?
I tell you what you need! A barbary fig! It tells you everything about life you should know.

Have you seen the abyss on my photo? The prickly pear (Opuntia) is growing there happily, ignoring the danger. Telling you: Common, guys, it’s sunny here, why should I worry?
The unimpressive, fruity thing is not too beautiful, but when it’s blushing you cannot deny a certain loveliness. If you try to reach it, you will get hurt. But not by a sudden pain! It slowly stings and pierces and burns and itches… Ou Au Aix… Remembering you what you did… Aix Aua Outch…
When you finally grab it, cut it and taste the meat, you will find some hard pips, inedible. Almost disgusting. Finally focussing on the taste that is left, you think: And that’s it?

Yeah, that’s it!
That’s life.

Naive, simple but braving the elements
Ugly but charming
Painful but bearable
Desirerable but meaningless

Incoherent comment: It took my friend a lot of talking to convince me not to pick some barbary figs directly from the cactus. The temptation was great… 😉

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