I miss the world






und Fernweh

5 thoughts on “I miss the world

  1. Searching about what do you miss in your life, it is privilage than how do not…. it is not related if you find whht do you miss or not … it about trying and looking to the future…hope every one find what he want… PS: really nice photos, sorry for lengthy .. but this is the first thing come to my mind when I read the title even before I notice the pictures.

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  2. Excatly .. I agree with you. 🙂
    But to find something different. I think everyone will find something different … But the critical question is does he has the ability to convince himself of what did he found or accept this result instead of his goals lets say !!!
    In my opinion this is the critical point that make people capable to be satisfied on their life or not !!!

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