Donald Trump or At The Bus Station


It is snowing in Bremen. In November, weird somehow. To see red leaves hanging under a heavy coat of snow. I’m standing at the bus station when a message arrived to my mobile.

“Donald Trump is president of the United States.”


Next too me is a beautiful girl walking up and down, she is talking on the phone. When I hear her perfect american english, I start to listen. Some details stay in my mind.

“I heard it and I was like… Oh my god!”

“Yeah, absolutely!”

“I am a non violent person. So that is why I cannot support him.”

“For sure, I know, maybe when he killed their daughter, that they would want the death penalty but what do you think is worse? To die or to stay in a cell?”

“You know, what I’m gonna do now? I will bring Christmas decoration to work! I got so nice stuff, one of these big stars…”

“Nooooo, I got the wrong bag! I grabbed a bag full of plastic bags. Booohhhh, I want to cry!”

I think, she is really nice. Like you and me. Living an easy life.

The bus comes.

I forget her.

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