Bei den Straßenbahnen

Das war so ein Theater!

This is the Concordia Theater in Bremen, now almost every day I’m passing by. And every time, even when I’m speeding with my bike, I have a sad moment. Such great plays I have seen there… Although I love industrial and urban decay, I feel horrible about closed theatres. And then I ask myself: When was the last time, you went out to see a play? And then I tell you: Go to the theatre! Get irritated! You deserve it.

The Beauty of the Ordinary – Summer Impressions

June is the month when you are expecting sun and you get rain.

The month when you are waiting for the holidays yet to come.

The month when you are still looking forward to.

Summer. Freedom. Happiness.

By Train I

The Green Part Of A Weekend

Es la vida.

Vivir y vivir y vivir.

(Talking to M.M.)

Doing MORE these ordinary days in Bremen

As I’m working just like a  ̶n̶̶o̶̶r̶̶m̶̶a̶̶l̶  person, I always have the feeling, I should do and be more. More work in less time, more beautiful and less ugly, more money for a living, more creative things instead of  monotonous texting, more good than bad, more right in the wrong.

But what do I really mean by that? What is this more?

The essence of more is, that it is unreachable. It seems so near but is so far. More is a dream of another world, of a better life. On the other side. Where the grass is greener. But, honestly, could the grass be greener than today?

I will get back to work now, get things done. Later go outside. Run and breathe. Be happy. And try to do a little, little more.

Speechless Happiness