Frühlingserwachen und Neujahrsansprachen

Warum ich den Winter nicht behalten kann,

will ich nicht hier nicht sagen.

Deswegen Licht auf meinen Frühling,

er beantwortet jetzt alle Fragen!

Frohes Neues Jahr, liebe Leserinnen und Leser und Vorbeistreifende. Ich nehme mir vor, die Welten mehr zu pflegen und ihre polierten Einblicke hier festzuhalten. Nennt man das nicht auch Psychohygiene? Die neue deutsche Gesundheitssprache ist auch bei mir angekommen. In diesem Sinne: Glück, Gesundheit und große Momente im Kleinen!

Vorzügliche Grüße,


Losing every day – III

An awkward gallery. The last part of my series “Losing every day”.

Das war so ein Theater!

This is the Concordia Theater in Bremen, now almost every day I’m passing by. And every time, even when I’m speeding with my bike, I have a sad moment. Such great plays I have seen there… Although I love industrial and urban decay, I feel horrible about closed theatres. And then I ask myself: When was the last time, you went out to see a play? And then I tell you: Go to the theatre! Get irritated! You deserve it.

Fluffy Non-Breakfast

Nature is art. Art is nature.
Impressive what it will make up in one night.

Spring was Earth’s Biggest Birthday Party Ever

So sad it’s only one time a year.

Opinion: Don’t stop drawing, don’t stop writing!

The assassination of twelve people in Paris because of their journalistic work made me deeply sad. As a writer I believe in an imagination without borders and the right to express your ideas with art. I wouldn’t say that art is not a weapon, art can hurt people, even make them speechless and unable to act. Is their a right to hurt other people’s feelings? I think, yes!

I am and always was a big fan of satire. Sometimes it can hurt very hard, I remember feeling hurt about some caricatures that I saw and articles that I read. Satire is an instrument to shock and provoke. It will bother you. It gives you an opion. It makes you to want to say something. You may be angry, you may be laughing, but you will think about it!

If you kill, people will be hurt as well. But the chance to make people think is gone forever.

The freedom of opinion should be a basic right. My solidarity and respect these days are with all cartoonists, painters, bloggers, journalists, writers around the world who are beeing oppressed. Don’t stop drawing, don’t stop writing!