New Year’s Resolutions – Meine gute Vorsätze fürs Jahr 2015


Today once again another bilingual article. You are free to choose the language you trust. 😉 We start with English.

Heute einmal wieder ein zweisprachiger Artikel. Es steht euch frei, die Sprache eures Vertrauens zu wählen. 😉 Wir enden mit Deutsch.

Usually I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. The occasion seems arbitrary and have a lack of motivation for the typical resolutions. Yes, of course, like everyone, I want to be three kilos lighter, sportier, more successful in my career and spend more time with friends and family at once. But these wishes are so vague, that I cannot believe that they actually will be fulfilled. Though I have a lot of plans and ideas in my current phase of life, I want to write some of them down and watch next year at the same time how much of them I could put into practice. How many? Five are too little, twenty too much, so ten.

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Little Road Of My Childhood


Next to the river, where people in gumboots walk their dogs, staying too far away to say hello, is this one road of my childhood. I call it my Way of Life. When I was young I used to walk it almost every day. Thinking about who I was, who I am and who I will be. Sitting down in the clover, writing. Listening to this special silence, which makes me so calm and peaceful inside.

Sometimes when I’m far away, living how I choose to live, Continue reading

When you are strange – How are you?


I suggest myself as an open-minded person and this is what I want and always wanted to be. Quite convinced of my openness, my friendly curiosity, I check my prejudices twice, well knowing that they are prejudices. I have a love for everything new, especially for people being who they are and random “normal” situations. Sometimes I even end up loving what I dislike. Loving what I actually hate. Loving what I really hate. This is about my kind of writing, distance, art.

So, I am open-minded. But it didn’t prevent me at all from a cultural shock! Continue reading

These fading summer days

Yesterday I talked to a friend on the phone. We were sitting there in our worlds, drinking, smoking and talking about dreaming at night. We dream every night, we dream a lot, we dream more than we ever used to. We wake up, shouting, sweating, crying.

We are rational people, we know the answers: We have depressions. Celebrate parties. Take drugs. Yearn.

No wonder. At all.

But it is these fading summer days making us dream.

Dream until things have changed.