North Summer

I spent some happy moments in Cuxhaven and Duhnen. Sun, wind and no water. But an endless view! Birds, crabs, blue skies. This nature gives me energy when I’m down. This might sound abstract and cheesy but it is true. It’s a miracle for me as well. Is it the lack of things that gives me peace? Is it this minimalism? You know me, world, you know me…

The Game – Thoughts about Inconsistence

Yesterday started the german “Bundesliga”. Although I’m convinced that it is a chauvinistic capitalist happening and it reminds me of the old roman “Bread and circuses” (or bread and games; Latin: panem et circenses), I kind of like it.
Damn. I’m not free at all. 😀

Here a sketch I drew the other day. To show you that at least there could be some magic in soccer, for example when it’s on the beach. Although this argument fails. Because:

Everything’s better on the beach.

On the beach it's happier

On the beach it’s happier

Birds, Clouds, Changes, Me

Yesterday in Duhnen, all kinds of weather! Felt so represented…