Could I get less?

Now I am watching the moon getting bigger again. He is watching through the clouds, cold and shiny. Being weird and trustworthy at the same time. My heart is quiet and confident. These days I was walking in the park and when I saw a beautiful tree I stopped and thought: “Oh, what a beautiful tree!” Another of these sunny days I had my dinner next to the river Weser in Vegesack. Starring at the water and the mild september evening, I thought happily: “What a nice evening!” Nothing more. Nothing less.

Is it the weather? Or is it me growing old? Emptiness can be a pleasure!


Ein Baum


Ein Fluss


Wer wohnt in diesen Häusern? Ich kann die Frage nicht zurückhalten. Sie bricht aus mir heraus. Kleine, wunderbaren Welten in der Sonne, Fluchten in ein Paradies in dem es nichts gibt aus Glückseligkeit.

Das sind Schrebergartenhäuser, Pazellen!
Mädel, in denen wohnt keiner!

Umso besser. Dann kann ich ja einziehen und für immer glücklich sein.


Those Happy Faces

At the end of the day comes the night and I am alone in my room. Where can I find them, the happy faces? When all of the day there was nothing but indifference. Nothing else matters you sang. But there was nothing before that mattered anyway. And once again I couldn’t find the peace in me. The piece in me that makes a difference. This day, all day. This tiny heart is shouting:

I cannot live, I cannot die, I’m desperate for a smile.

Now, before the sleep takes over, I take the time to find- some happy faces.



Merry Christmas


And I am running
Like every day
From here to there
And back

And I am watching
These rays of light
The time hasn’t come

And I am running
Like every day
From here to there

Have a wonderful christmas time everybody!

Everybody wants to be a cat