Somebody happy 

We just need somebody happy around. We are not hopeless. Not lost. We are visible in the pale light of a german rainy day, we are not hiding in the dark of the clouds. 
When we go out, we are on a good way in a good way. This is how it should be. Meeting people. Sharing opinions, chips, sweets.

We could eat strawberries forever. We are not. But we are trying hard.

Somebody happy around? Maybe it would be contagious.

Meine Tomaten

Ich kann mich freuen wie ein Kind, wenn ich meine Tomaten sehe!
Nachdem die Erdbeeren dieses Jahr klein und ungenießbar waren, freue ich mich umso mehr über die Fleischtomaten, die sich seit Mai fabelhaft entwickelt haben. Im Folgenden mit der Kamera beim Wachstum beobachtet und anschließend in einem Salat inszeniert, Seite an Seite mit meiner eigenen Minze und meinem Rucola. Es lebe der Balkon! Es lebe die spärliche Bremer Sonne!


Those Happy Faces

At the end of the day comes the night and I am alone in my room. Where can I find them, the happy faces? When all of the day there was nothing but indifference. Nothing else matters you sang. But there was nothing before that mattered anyway. And once again I couldn’t find the peace in me. The piece in me that makes a difference. This day, all day. This tiny heart is shouting:

I cannot live, I cannot die, I’m desperate for a smile.

Now, before the sleep takes over, I take the time to find- some happy faces.



Hooray!! This is our anniversary!


Yesterday durchallemeinewelten and me celebrated our first anniversary! Now it is one year, we spent together, having good times and bad times.

Although we still have a quite intimate relation and sometimes it takes readers to catch us, we know what we would be without you all: Lost in space!

So we want to say thanks to everybody we got to know during the last year!

To our frequent readers and the ones who visit from time to time!

To people thinking about our blogposts and people watching them!

To lovers and haters!

Thank you, readers!

I hope you will stay with us at least another year. 🙂

Part of our celebration yesterday was the opening of Ninja’s new facebook page. If you want keep in touch with her and read the news about her writing, you are more then welcome to join! 🙂 There you can find news from durchallemeinewelten but also about daseigeneunddasandere and other projects.

Keep in touch!

Love, hate and happiness!

Merry Christmas to the World


No snow
But tea
A warm blanket

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Bon Nadal!
Fröhliche Weihnachten!

I am enjoying some quiet days with family and friends! Have a splendid time all of you, wherever you are, however you spend Christmas!
Love, SoylaNi

Literarischer Glühwein – ein Auftragsgedicht der Lesegruppe


Mal ein Gedicht der anderen Art. Die Lesegruppe a. D. (ehemalig Lesegruppe), die bald in ihr 10tes Jahr geht, hat mir einen Auftrag erteilt. Mit Worten, die sie mir vorgaben, musste ich ein festliches Weihnachtsgedicht erstellen und am Tag unserer Wiedervereinigung vortragen. Was für eine Herausforderung für eine Künstlern wie mich! 😉 Während ihr das lest, befinde ich mich draußen in Regen und Sturm und trinke einen Glühwein. Hohoho!

Today a different kind of poem. The Lesegruppe a. D. (former known as Lesegruppe), soon having its tenth anniversary, gave me a job. I had to use the words they gave me to write a festive christmas poem and recite it the day of our reunion. What a challenge for an artist like me! 😉 While you are reading this, I am outside in the rain and storm drinking a Gluhwein. Hohoho! Continue reading