Awesome Animals

I wanted to make this posting just because…


Who captured this blog? This cannot be not Soylani.

But watch them, Helgoland’s animals… 🙂
(By the way, I need a really good camera, the shep like them better than smartphones.)


Butterflies high


Seagull Airport




The Restroom


Meet and greet


Lunch with a view


Sleeping with long leg, please


Yes, long leg!


Shep taking pictures of people in the grass


Changing the film




Loving couple


Curly Boy


The Stars at lunchtime


Sooo cute


Running away from Mom (Wegrobben)


Wattenläufer running in general


Old Rabbit on the beach


The Dream of Freedom

Helgoland Beauty

My “I will free my mind”-mode made me delete a lot of photos I took. Some days I was to angry with myself to write a blog post. Now I feel free again, some pictures should only stay in the mind or in the heart. Right? 😉

Enjoy some parts of Helgoland, Germany’s almost mediterranean island. 🙂


On a motor boat into the sea


The sky is an alien


Into the darkness


An island in the sun


Cumulus Clouds


A King


The warmth opens the hearts


Die Lange Anna


Way to the sky


Somewhere the sun is shining now




Island Style


Good Night


But don’t sleep

North Summer

I spent some happy moments in Cuxhaven and Duhnen. Sun, wind and no water. But an endless view! Birds, crabs, blue skies. This nature gives me energy when I’m down. This might sound abstract and cheesy but it is true. It’s a miracle for me as well. Is it the lack of things that gives me peace? Is it this minimalism? You know me, world, you know me…

Granada – A Whisper From The Past In The Glistening Sunlight

Granada is magic. Small streets, hot stones under my feet and all around I hear voices talking to me.

“Come here…”
“Come closer…”
“Lay down for a while…”
“Listen to me…”

The warmth of 40 degrees celcius embracing me, the sun lying on my shoulders, burning me softly, slowly. Preparing me. Eating me alive. To become part of it. How could I resist? How would I want to resist? You can be part of New York. That is wonderful. You cannot be a part of Granada. You only can be Granada.

“You are a painter? I am your color!”
“You are writer? I am your story!”
“You are a dancer? I am the music!”

I fell in love with Granada. I want to be there for a summer, for a winter, for a time. To hear it talking to me. Again and again. I want to be Granada!

Alacant/Alicante – A nightly intermezzo in a lovely city

After a five hours drive, we arrived at Alacant/Alicante, a city at the spanish east coast. With over 330.000 inhabitants it was bigger than I expected. We stayed at a nice guy’s place, I met via Couchsurfing and were lucky that he and his friend took us out for dinner. It is always great getting to know a new place with an insider! We talked a lot about politics, like Catalunya Alacant is a place where people speak Catalan, or in this case Valencià, a catalan dialect.
Then I ate the best croquetas de boletus (yummy!) I had in my whole life. (Yes, they were the first but all the ones I tried later could only fail after this culinary delight. 🙂

It was a pity that we didn’t stay longer, I would have loved to discover more of Alacant, to be part of the lively night life and had a night swim at the beach. The water was so warm that it seemed unreal. I had a lot of talks about water temperature and beaches later, my friends have strong opinions about it. And so do I. 😉

We left saturday morning. Granada was waiting, I kind of heard it calling.

De Viaje – Crossing Castilla

Driving through Castilla you can see fields, hills, plains, cats and the sky. Or highways.

You can discover nice and weird things. Or trash.

You can see the endlessness of the world. Or imagine a circle.

You can see nothing. Or everything.

Yes, I do like the sky and open landscapes very much! 😉

Leaving Los Caños de Meca

It has been a little while (and again a lot of adventures) without time and internet since I took a moment to write here. Even my diary and my journey diary I kind of neglected a bit. Some details of them I may soon share here, others may get dusty in my room at home.

Anyway, I just arrived to Sevilla, haven’t seen much yet and I don’t want to talk about it now.

The last three days I stayed in Caños de Meca at a camping ground called Camaleon. A very nice and kind of different camping experience “del rollo jippi”.
Yes, this place is for Hippies, young adventurers and relaxed people who don’t shower too much, like organic food, have a profound sleep even with music and are ok with mosquito bites (I made it up to 40…). A place for saints like you and me! 😉
In fact, I really liked it a lot and would definetely go back (armed, of course, these evil beasts need strong resistance).

Yesterday I attended a concert of The Zephyr Bones, they played tremendous! Strongly recommended, as well.

To come to an end I will stop writing now and let pictures talk, Sevilla is waiting.

By the way: In the cat picture I had my personal highest temperature ever! 46 degrees in the sun! (Okay, Sauna is hotter… 😉 )

On the Road to Andalucía

What can I say? How do I begin? Sitting in a Café – Bar near Granada, the wind through my hair, the oranges growing next to me? A woman singing about spanish romance, the sun painting with the morning light…

Now I’m spending almost an hour here, staring at my photos, staring at the tables around me, the Minimercado, the ashtray on my table. I cannot find a story to tell. There are too many! Today is monday, it’s morning, I got up earlyish, had breakfast and wanted to calm down a bit to write about my experiences, share some photos. Impossible? Maybe I can share some.
So I decide to write some random stories mañana, now only informing you, my dearest readers, that I’m on the road to (and in) Andalucía. 🙂 I visited Barcelona, Alicante and Granada, and am now sitting at the campground in Valle del Puntal, planning to leave in some minutes. Next stop: Ronda!
“Silencio por medio” sings the girl full of bitterness in the radio. I think, some silent moments are quite nice.

So, I’m sorry not to tell more, but I’m overwhelmed by all these expressions, I can simply say: I love it!

Aaaaand: Flys, mosquitoes and birds are my friends. NOT. 😉

Came to leave – Short Barcelona Impressions

Today I spent the first day of my holidays, trying out my deeply relaxed me. I did a little bit of nothing, then I slept, ate and finally I walked around, went to my favourite park and draw a palm tree. (I took the liberty not to finish it.) And I did some writing here and there, as usual. It felt simply great.