Today I found myself standing in the rain so long that dreaming was the only option.

You can be so close to breaking out if you want. Every day. And come back by opening your eyes.

I should be snowing tonight.


Donald Trump or At The Bus Station


It is snowing in Bremen. In November, weird somehow. To see red leaves hanging under a heavy coat of snow. I’m standing at the bus station when a message arrived to my mobile.

“Donald Trump is president of the United States.”


Next too me is a beautiful girl walking up and down, she is talking on the phone. When I hear her perfect american english, I start to listen. Some details stay in my mind.

“I heard it and I was like… Oh my god!”

“Yeah, absolutely!”

“I am a non violent person. So that is why I cannot support him.”

“For sure, I know, maybe when he killed their daughter, that they would want the death penalty but what do you think is worse? To die or to stay in a cell?”

“You know, what I’m gonna do now? I will bring Christmas decoration to work! I got so nice stuff, one of these big stars…”

“Nooooo, I got the wrong bag! I grabbed a bag full of plastic bags. Booohhhh, I want to cry!”

I think, she is really nice. Like you and me. Living an easy life.

The bus comes.

I forget her.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Although the Parade in New Haven was on sunday, today is the first time I watched my photos. I really have to admit that the parade didn’t seem new to me. Being not a parade lover at all, it just reminded me of any other parade I have seen in Germany, Catalunya or elsewhere. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it and yet I could discover some unknown aspects. Have a look yourself!

Back In The USA

I’m here again, New Haven, hello! It is a fascinating different world. I know winter from Germany, but this winter is not the same season. How can these tons of snow stay while the sun is shining? Today I tasted some cold winds blowing directly towards my face, home again my nose was red, my hands were too. But this blue you can see everywhere is so beautiful, the white is strong and the grey is shiny. Come, take a walk with me!