Ein Spaziergang am Fluss, wo alles erstarrt ist. Sich sogar die Klingel des emsigen Rennradfahrers im Nebel des späten Nachmittags verliert.

Eine erzwungene Ruhe, die meine Finger lähmt. Eine Ruhe zur rechten Zeit.

Brown And Green

In april the cold and cloudy days are coming back. There is no choice. Feel the shivering, the humidity, the loneliness. Roads of life can be straight but endless. Roads of life are brown and green.

Oh Yes, I See It!

The Beauty of the Ordinary – Summer Impressions

June is the month when you are expecting sun and you get rain.

The month when you are waiting for the holidays yet to come.

The month when you are still looking forward to.

Summer. Freedom. Happiness.

Back In The USA

I’m here again, New Haven, hello! It is a fascinating different world. I know winter from Germany, but this winter is not the same season. How can these tons of snow stay while the sun is shining? Today I tasted some cold winds blowing directly towards my face, home again my nose was red, my hands were too. But this blue you can see everywhere is so beautiful, the white is strong and the grey is shiny. Come, take a walk with me!

Speechless Happiness

All Alone With The Sun And The Wind

Yesterday was difficult and then I went outside…