Hooray! This is our anniversary!


Yesterday durchallemeinewelten and me celebrated our first anniversary! Now it is one year, we spent together, having good times and bad times.

Although we still have a quite intimate relation and sometimes it takes readers to catch us, we know what we would be without you all: Lost in space!

So we want to say thanks to everybody we got to know during the last year!

To our frequent readers and the ones who visit from time to time!

To people thinking about our blogposts and people watching them!

To lovers and haters!

Thank you, readers!

I hope you will stay with us at least another year. 🙂

Part of our celebration yesterday was the opening of Ninja’s new facebook page. If you want keep in touch with her and read the news about her writing, you are more then welcome to join! 🙂 There you can find news from durchallemeinewelten but also about daseigeneunddasandere and other projects.

Keep in touch!

Love, hate and happiness!

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